Welcome to IIAASD, worlds first of its kind institute, it is based on a unique agriculture model which is  providing training to the farmers and stakeholders in agriculture for commercial cultivation of medicinal and aromatic crops and other certificate courses in organic farming, Minimum Budget Farming/ Sustainable Agriculture. We are doing this prestigious work since 2010 with team of experienced staff and multi dimensional infrastructure facilities. IIAASD has all possible resources through which we are catering our knowledge and thought process in front of India’s agriculture community.

Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. 54.6% of the population is engaged in agriculture and allied activities (census 2011) and it contributes 17% to the country’s Gross Value Added (current price 2015-16, 2011-12 series). As per the land use statistics 2013-14, the total geographical area of the country is 328.7 million hectares, of which 141.4 million hectares is the reported net sown area and 200.9 million hectares is the gross cropped area with a cropping intensity of 142 %. The net sown area works out to be 43% of the total geographical area. The net irrigated area is 68.2 million hectares.

Central Statistics Office (CSO), Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation has released the New Series of National Accounts, based upon revising the base year from 2004-05 to 2011-12. As per the Provisional Estimates released by CSO on 31.05.2016, the Agriculture and Allied sector contributed approximately 17.0% of India’s Gross Value Added (GVA) at current prices during 2015-16. Gross Value Added (GVA) of Agriculture, this is very low as per our expectation.

On other hand the value of Indian rupee is decreasing day by day, in 1917 the value of Indian Rupee against US dollar was 17 rupees per dollar, today’s scenario is very disappointing, and now it is reached on more than 70 rupees per dollar.

This situation is changing slowly day by day because of some reasons, During the time of Indus Vally Civilization our country was one of the rich and prosperous country in the world in terms of health, wealth and knowledge, because our agriculture practices was sustainable and rich, like making own Seeds and Manures, use of Vedic culture practices was common, this in result gives the of quality of our food grains, spices and other agriculture produces was superior to any other countries product, so that demand for that produce was high.

To change this current scenario we have to make every Indian citizen who is related to agriculture to be productive, and this can be done with the help of providing right kind of information and knowledge to them.

Today’s youth is not interested to become farmer or doing agriculture practices, because he sees failure and bankruptcy of his father due to costly inputs and low prices for their produce as well as deterioration of land.

Today farmers are helpless to left farming due to harsh conditions in this sector; these harsh conditions are arise due to, our government policies toward Agriculture and effect of globalization or Foreign Direct Investment.

Looking at this situation institute has made the promise to the nation to provide solution for this harsh condition, his aim is to provide a unique kind of knowledge to world so that every human being will be healthy and economically independent. This vision in mind he has started International Institute of Advanced Agriculture Skill Development in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In this institute we are offering 16 different kinds of certificate courses for Students, Agri-entrepreneurs, Agri Professional and Farmers.

We are worlds first of its kind institute which is providing Knowledge and information in field of organic farming practices, medicinal aromatic cultivation and horticulture farming, Till date we have trained 10,000 farmers from all over the India to become entrepreneurs as well as 40,000 who have got training from our institute to become economically independent.

Since 1996, we are providing this unique kind of services to the world, our aim is to provide low cost farming practices knowledge and in return farmer should get high value for their products, the reason behind it was produced from traditional (Paramparagat) like, Seeds and Handmade organic manures.

With this vision and mission he started International Institute of Advance Agriculture Skill Development in year 2010 for the betterment of Farmers and Agriculture in India. From starting we have overcome many milestones by providing better knowledge and good quality services to India. Farmers and Agri Entrepreneurs from all across the country are coming here for getting this precious & unique kind of knowledge and services.

Modern agriculture practices are increasingly turning out to be knowledge-based and hence gaining expertise in them is not an easy task for many of our rural farmers. Agriculture is an important part of our Indian economy and the demand for skilled professionals in this field is growing day by day. With this vision in mind institute devoted to provide certificate courses which will give:

  • Better job prospect to students,
  • Quality cultivation knowledge to the farmers,
  • Provide earning information to Rural People and Village Women,
  • Marketing knowledge to the Agri- Entrepreneurs,
  • Better source of information to the Agri- Professionals etc.


Today we are well grown Institute with well qualified staff to demonstrate our skills and experience with heartfelt cause of Agriculture Betterment.

We crossed many milestones to reach at this position and our journey is just begun and we have long way to go. Today we are a young and dynamic organization with too many missions in mind, some projects in running, some projects are completed and some are just a dream in our mind.

So, let’s come together, to join hands with us to make India prosperous, Healthy and wealthy country, to make Indian farmers economically independent,, to make Indian village women independent and brave.

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कृपया ध्यान दे, इस वेबसाइट में दी गयी जानकारी अलग अलग स्त्रोतों से और जगहों से संकलित की गयी है ( जैसे की- विभिन्न कृषि विद्यापीठ, सरकारी कृषि कार्यालय, विभिन्न कृषि आधारित वेबसाइट, किसान और अन्य) जिसमे व्यक्ति, स्थान, परिस्थिति और व्यवस्थापन के अनुसार बदल अपेक्षित है, यह जानकारी सिर्फ और सिर्फ जानकारी हेतु दी गयी है. वाचको से हमारा अनुरोध है की वे आपने विवेक का उपयोग कर के इसके सन्दर्भ में आपने फैसले कर सकते/ सकता है, आपका फैसला आपके वैयक्तिक विवेक पर आधारित होगा जिसमें हमारी संस्था का कोई भी हस्तक्षेप नहीं होगा।

Please Note, the information published in this website has been compiled from different sources and places (such as - various agriculture universities, government agricultural offices, various agriculture based websites, farmers and others) which can be changed according to person, place, situation and management practices, this information has been given for information only. We request the readers that, using their discretion, you can take discretion in this regard; your decision will be purely based on your own discretion in which our organization will not make any interference.