Day 1



Need of Course


Social aspects

Market aspects

Nursery management practices, soil and climate, vegetable gardens, nutrition and kitchen garden and other types of gardens , principles and planning and layout, management of orchards, planting systems and planting densities.

Plant Nutrition and its Management in Nursery

Ornamental Horticulture Nursery

Plant Library Concepts and Operations

Day 2


Inputs Management

Plant Propagation Structures

Access to Quality Planting Material

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS-2008) Related to Nursery

Preparation of nursery beds for sowing of vegetable seeds, digging of pits for fruit plants, digging of pits, planting systems

Description of varieties and hybrid, climate and soil requirements, seed rate, preparation of field, nursery practices; planting for directly sown/transplanted vegetable crops.

Day 3

Spacing, planting systems water and weed management; nutrient management and deficiencies, use of chemicals and growth regulators. Cropping systems, harvest and yield. Economics of cultivation of tropical and sub-tropical vegetable crops; post-harvest handling and storage of plants.

Plant Propagation and Nursery Management

Propagation: Need and potentialities for plant multiplication, sexual and asexual methods of propagation, advantages and disadvantages. Seed dormancy (scarification & stratification) internal and external factors, nursery

Techniques, apomixes – mono-embrony, polyembrony, chimera & bud sport.

Day 4

Propagation Structures Mist chamber, humidifiers, greenhouses, glasshouses, cold frames, hot beds, poly-houses, nursery (tools and implements)

Propagation methods: Physiology and techniques Use of growth regulators in seed and vegetative propagation, methods and techniques of cutting, layering, grafting and budding physiological & bio chemical basis of rooting, factors influencing rooting of cuttings and layering, graft incompatibility scion-stock relationship and their influences . Anatomical studies of bud union, selection and maintenance of mother trees, collection of scion wood stick, bud wood certification, techniques of propagation through specialized organs, corm, runners, suckers etc.

Micrografting, hardening of plants in nurseries. Off season nursery production of vegetables.

Common Possible Errors in Nursery Activities; Nursery Technology for Some Important Tree Species; Nursery Pest & Disease Management

Day 5

Bio fertilizers and their method of use,  Nitrogenous;  Phosphatic;  Potassic;  Availability of Nutrients from above sources; Other Nitrogen contributing plants;

Layout of different irrigation systems, identification and management of nutritional disorder in fruits and vegetables, assessment of bearing habits, maturity standards, harvesting, grading, packaging and storage.

Preparation of vermin compost:  Pit construction; Raw materials; Availability of specific species of earth worm; Method of preparation; Quality improvement of finished vermin compost

Trade & Supply Chain Management

Day 6

Garden types, features and components Special types of gardens, their walk-paths, bridges, constructed features. Greenhouse. Special types of gardens, trees, their design, values in landscaping, propagation, planting shrubs and herbaceous perennials. Importance, design values, propagation, potting, climbers and creepers, palms, ferns, grasses and cacti succulents.

Economics of Nursery Development

Record Management

Online Nursery Information and Sales Systems

Field Demonstration

Feed Back/Discussion

Validatory Function

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