National Horticulture Board was self established Society of 1984. Its main aim was to encourage the cultivation of Horticulture Plants, aromatic plants and medicinal plants in order to give subsidy to the interested growing farmers. The Managing Director is the Principal Executive of NHB who implements various schemes under overall supervision and guidance of the Board of Directors of NHB as well as the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India

The project which was started under the same named as “Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production and Post Harvest management”

List of schemes administered by NHB

A. Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production and Post Harvest Management of Horticulture Crops

Credit linked projects relating to establishment of hi-tech commercial production units involving any of the following items are eligible for assistance under this component


1 High quality commercial horticulture crops 2 Indigenous crops / produce, herbs, spices
3 Aromatic & Medicinal Plants iv) Seed & Nursery 4 Bio-Technology, micro-biology, bio-chemistry, bio-diversity & tissue culture
5 Protected cultivators 6 Bio-pesticides, Organic fertilizers, organic foods, bio-dynamic farming, Vermi-compost
7 Establishment of Hort. Health clinics / laboratories 8 Hydroponics, Aeroponics
9 Beekeeping and its products 10 Mushrooms and its products
11 Nuts and its products 12

Pattern of Assistance

Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 20% of the total project cost limited to Rs 25 lakh per project in general area and Rs 30.00 lakh in NE Region, Hilly and Scheduled areas. However, for capital intensive and high value crops under protected cultivation and open air cultivation of date palm, olive and saffron subsidy will be @ 25% of project cost with ceiling of Rs.50 lakh (33% of project cost with ceiling of Rs.60 lakh for scheduled and hilly areas)

B. Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for construction/ expansion/ modernization of Cold Storages/Storages of Horticulture Produce


Credit linked projects relating to Cold Storages including Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Modified Atmosphere (MA) Stores, pre-cooling units, other Storages for onion, etc., their modernization are eligible for assistance under this component.

Pattern of Assistance

The assistance will be as credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 40% of the capital cost of project in general areas and 55% in case of Hilly & Scheduled Areas for a maximum storage capacity of 5000 MT per project for item.

C. Technology Development and Transfer for promotion of Horticulture

1 Introduction of New Technology 2 Visit of progressive farmers
3 Promotional and Extension Activities 4 Technical knowhow from India/Abroad
5 Technology Awareness 6 Organizing/participation in seminars/symposia/exhibitions
7 Mother Plant Nurseries for pedigreed planting material for fruit crops 8 Udyan Pandit
9 Publicity and Films 10 Awareness for technology up gradation and markets
11 Honorarium to scientists for effective transfer of technology. 12 Accreditation and Rating of Horticulture Nurseries
13 Assistance for Common Facilities in Horticulture Parks/ Agri Export Zones etc. 14

Pattern of Assistance

  • a) Introduction of new technologies shall be carried out by NHB by in-house efforts.
  • b) Committee constituted by the Board may designate any organization as Partner Institution for this purpose and provide grants up to 100% of the cost of project. Quantum of grants for partner institution shall be restricted as follows:-
  • c) Upper ceiling of Rs. 10.00 lakh in case of projects falling under Category (A)
  • d) Upper ceiling of Rs 25.00 lakh for projects falling under Category (B), (C) & (D)

D. Market Information Service for Horticulture Crops

  • i) To generate information on wholesale prices, arrivals and trends in various markets of the country for important fruits, vegetables & flowers etc and also on retail prices for increased number of selected markets
  • ii) To analyze the trends of arrivals, prices and other related factors of the selected fruit and vegetables such as stock in storage, crop stand etc and generate Market Intelligence Reports
  • iii) To establish a nation-wide communication network for speedy collection and dissemination of market information data for its efficient and timely utilization.
  • iv) To prepare farmers advisory and issue the same for the benefit of producer farmers especially by making use of statistics so generated and collected for optimizing returns to the producers
  • v) To collect and disseminate information on international prices prevailing in potential foreign markets vi) To collect and compile horticulture database and strengthen existing system of Crop Estimation Survey-Fruits & Vegetables (CES-F&V) as far as possible

E. Horticulture Promotion Service

Under this component, specialized studies and surveys shall be carried and study / survey reports shall be brought out for use by targeted beneficiaries. In addition, technical laboratories shall be set up or cause to be set up and also provide technical services including advisory and consultancy services. This shall be done by NHB with or without services of outsourced experts.


i) Review the present situation of horticulture development in particular area/ State ii) Identify constraints in horticulture development and suggest remedial measures iii) Develop short term and long term strategies for systematic development of horticulture, iv) Develop primary/secondary data of various aspects on horticulture, v) Provide consultancy services, expert services & establishing labs etc. in pursuance thereof, vi) Conduct technical scrutiny and certification of cold chain infrastructure as per implementation protocol for Technical Standards for cold storages etc. vii) Preparing reports relating to export competitiveness in the area of fresh horticulture produce, viii) Any other component of expert services provided by NHB addressing to identified needs of the sector

Pattern of Assistance

100% cost of the study shall be borne by the Board

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