IIAASD recognizes a clear need for new approaches to address the various problems in the field of medicinal plant commercial cultivation and how this profit will reach to farmers is a big question now a days. Addressing these kinds of problems, we IIAASD organized a national seminar in Jaipur with association of CCS NIAM, Rajasthan State National Medicinal Plant Board, Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society, Gyan vihar University and Organic Sunrise Natural. The objective of this seminar is to create a stage where all dignitaries come together and solve the problems of farmers regarding cultivation and marketing of crops. How farmer will independently sale there harvest and solve the problem of third persons involvement. The students will know the bright prospectus of carrier in medicinal plants cultivation and agriculture. The following problems will address and try to solve in this seminar like,

  1. To solve all queries for medicinal plant cultivation
  2. Medicinal plants cultivation, conservation and agro-techniques + Standardization, safety and quality control
  3. Phyto-Chemistry and quality initiative for promotion of medicinal Plants
  4. Institution Innovation and Progressive Programme for promotion of Medicinal Plants
  5. Social economic development of rural and tribal people through Medicinal Plants
  6. Emerging technology
  7. Policymakers from various Research Organizations, industry and academics to share their knowledge and expertise
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