The concept of Organic Industrial Village is come from the vision of Mr. Atul Gupta, In initial phase we are planning to make such villages in Rajasthan state of India. In this concept we planned to take villages at next level for doing agriculture practices and processing of raw material derived from agriculture. Where farmers will form Farmer Producing Companies (FPC) to cultivate Medicinal & Aromatic Herbs, they will be the sole proprietor of their produce,  they will setup their  own small scale processing units, where they process there raw materials harvested from land, farmers can decide prices of their produce so as they will get better income as compared to previous income.

The cultivation of these crops will be totally based on Organic Farming, Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Making village youths aware to participate in these practices, Rearing of livestock mainly Indian breed cows will be the part of this agriculture so as farmers can make their own organic manures by using cow dung and cow urine and agri waste.


HCMS has SHG network of about one lakh village women, they are financially week but there agriculture is totally depend on them as they are working in different roles such as agri-labour, farmer, land owner etc. We are planning for making the Farmer Producer Companies of these women, so they will be key role player in decision making of their own agriculture and can influence local agriculture positively.

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