Objectives of the Commission

The Commission has three main objectives which guide its functioning.

  • The Social Objective – Providing employment in rural areas
  • The Economic Objective – Providing saleable articles
  • The Wider Objective – Creating self-reliance amongst people and building up a strong rural community spirit.

Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certification Scheme (ISEC)

The Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate (ISEC) Scheme is the major source of funding for the Khadi program. It was introduced in May 1977 to mobilize funds from banking institutions to fill the gap in the actual fund requirement and its availability from budgetary sources.

Rebate Scheme

The rebate on sales of Khadi and Khadi products is made available by the Government so as to make the price of Khadi and Khadi products competitive with other textiles. Normal rebate (10 per cent) all through the year and an additional special rebate (10 per cent) for 108 days in a year is given to the customers.

Project Planning Cost In regards to middle level Industries Females/ SC/ST/ OBC/Handicapped
Trader‘s Self Contribution 10% 5%
Expected Bank Loan 65% 65%
Margin Money from Khadi
& Village Industries Board
25% 30%
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