Kalahari is available in all over India from Himachal to Kerala. In the month of Sep. and Oct. it looks very attractive. It grows in the Temperature of 15 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius in the day and 10 to 20 degree Celsius at night. The weather condition of Rajasthan suits this plant very much. Non- availability of this plant in the forests and continuous growing market demand is making this more profitable crop.


Variety of Plant Indian Root (Kand)
No. of Plants 16500 kand
Sowing Time Whole year (In Irrigated Land)
Rainy Season (un- irrigated)
Soil Any land where water can flow without
Total Plantation Time Till 5 Years
Irrigation System Drip Irrigation
Produce Roots and Seeds
Total Cost of Cultivation RS.1,56,600/-
Total Production 400 Kg Seeds and 1 Ton Roots
Market/ Buy Back Rates RS.1000/- per Kg for Seeds RS.100/- per Kg for Roots
Total Sale Proceeds RS. 5,00,000/-
Total Income RS.3,43,400/- (Five years)
BuyeRS SUNRISE Agriland Dev. & Research Pvt Ltd
Website: www.sunriseagriland.com


Snakes and Scorpio bites anybody, we apply paste of it on affected area.

It is being used for skin related disease like Leprosy.

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