The scheme has come a long way since its inception and has been implemented across two plan periods (11th and 12th). During the XI Plan, an amount of Rs. 22,408.76 crore was released to States and 5768 projects were implemented. In the 12th plan Rs.31,488.44 crore was released and over 7600 projects were implemented in the sectors of crop development, horticulture, agricultural mechanization, natural resource management, marketing & post-harvest management, animal husbandry, dairy development, fisheries, extension etc.


  • To strengthen the farmers‟ efforts through creation of required pre and postharvest agri-infrastructure that increases access to quality inputs, storage, market facilities etc. and enable farmers to make informed choices.
  • To provide autonomy, flexibility to States to plan and execute schemes as per local/ farmers‟
  • To promote value chain addition linked production models that will help farmers increase their income as well as encourage production/productivity
  • To mitigate risk of farmers with focus on additional income generation activities – like integrated farming, mushroom cultivation, bee keeping, aromatic plant cultivation, floriculture etc.
  • To attend national priorities through several sub-schemes.
  • To empower youth through skill development, innovation and agri-entrepreneurship based agribusiness models that attract them to agriculture.
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