INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED AGRICULTURE SKILL DEVELOPMENT (IIAASD), Jaipur believes in providing high standard center of intelligence,information and education by which a participants like farmers, student and Agri-entrepreneur or Agri- professionals become self-independent.  We have designed a blend of theory and practical knowledge where participants provide precious feedback of 100% satisfaction. We are focusing on the major current agricultural issues like overuse of chemical fertilizer and pesticides, use of plastic, women empowerment and participation in agriculture development and importance of Indian cow in agriculture.

This institute is come with unique idea of short term training courses, which motivate Student and Farmer or any participants to learn the things with understanding basis of subject and practical knowledge. We work more on the clearing the basic doubt. Students faces problem in getting job when they pass out because of lack of practical knowledge.

We have sixteen different courses, design according to provide a job role first. These courses help to initiate an own lab as well. Please visit our website tabs for more information about our courses and activity.

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